On a Winternoon

Written by: david goodwin

In a colorful shade of brightness
on a winternoon;
with the shadows hardly bothering, at all;

the air's got a bite
as day ready's for night,

causing mercury levels to fall.


There's a chilliness inside the brightness
on a winternoon;
continuing to persist to convince;

on a journey Sol goes
causing shadows to grow,

one can watch Sol retreat, if one squints!


The colors all fade from the brightness
on a winternoon;
the day trades all it's clouds for night's bright stars;

with family member, or friend
when the day finally ends

we'll animate our winowed restaurants, and bars.


So we slide through the squint in the brightness
on a winternoon;
and vividly night's canopy gets raised;

time, moseys on
quietly yielding the next dawn,

then, we'll all start all over, unfazed.