Where Can I Hide

Written by: anne p. murray

I wrote this poem for my daughter who struggled for years with addictions. 
She has been sober for 3 years now...living her life... one day at a time.

This is for all those who suffer with addictions. 
May you be blessed and walk in peace, love and light..


Where do I go- where can I hide?
   There’s so much fear and pain inside
The secrets I keep- they’re killing my soul
   I truly can’t allow anyone to know
 I can’t allow anyone to see
   Can’t allow myself to be me

The chance of betrayal causes so much fear
   I’m afraid to allow anyone to near
So, where can I go
   How much longer can I hide?
If I confess my secrets…
   Will I be judged and tried?

I have so much guilt
   My heart’s full of pain
There’s so much to lose…
   Yet so much to gain 

Lord where do I go
   How much longer can I hide?
There is so much shame…
   So many times I’ve tried 

It’s tough on my spirit
   It’s so hard on my pride
I’m so tired of acting
   I’m so tired of my lies

I’ve found rejection- by myself and others
   I’ve been lost and betrayed
My heart is so weary
   My nerves are so frayed 

            I will fight this war
            I’ll fight to be free
            I’ll never give up…
            This addiction is not me!