She and I

Written by: Ayman Peeroo

I looked at her and she looked back.  
Her brown 'painted' hair stood in a mess on her head.  
Her head lightly tilted to her left.  
Her eyes were blank; tired but emotionless.
I leaned in a little closer to see what was happening to her.  
And she leaned forward, as if to show me what was wrong.
But she did not seem to know the answer to that.  
Her eyes wondered for a little while.  
I kept looking at her, not sure how to respond.  
Then i saw that look.  
The look that i have not seen on her for a while.  
The look of ultimate sadness and desperation.  
She only allowed me to see it for a second.  
She then took it all and pushed it away.  
Somewhere far inside.  
And her face showed no emotions afterwards.  
She hugged herself.  
A piece of her heart was gone.