my pen

Written by: John Loving III

I don't need a poem
When I have to write
When I need a poem
All I have to do is write

My pen is full of words
That swim real deep
They reach the places of the mind
Where emotions dare to speak

If words were meant to shout
I could use an explanation point
But to get someones attention
My words they must annoint

To some this comes real easy
Other have no clue
We have this thing inside of us
This gift with words we use

For some it's inspiration
A feeling we often use
But there are times for accusations
When citizens must accuse

There are times we look around us
And our eyes are struck with awe
The beauty of Gods creation
Eloquent words tell what we saw

But love is the thing
That's been discribed the most
The pen maybe the only friend
To one who's heart is broke

You can love your country
And you can love your god
But it will allways be the little things
That your words will applaud

And if you have the gift
Of making your words rhyme
The world may remember you
Until the end of time

I don't need a poem
All I need is a pen
Put that with some paper
And a time to begin