The Light in the Darkness

Written by: Constance Gilmore

He's beating me blue
I don't know what to do
He guzzles Everclear
The only time I don't fear
He's knocked out cold
Fear no longer has a hold
With the clothes on my back
I walk out just like that
Night cloaks my presence
I'm no longer on the defense
The pavement is wet
Mirroring my silhouette
The streetlights glow eerily
But they provide much clarity
The light at the tunnel's end
Hope begins to descend
Determined in my persistence,
I've walked a long distance
A bench provides comfort
So I sit, no longer on alert
He can no longer hurt me
Deluded love can no longer divert me
Alone in my thoughts
Stomach steadily untying its knots
A new life up ahead
Which I no longer dread
I sit on this bench
Safe from his painful clench
Alone in the night,
I anticipate my new life.