On The First Day

Written by: Trever Webb

Bear not your arms for this,
put your tools away,
far away from here,
they are not needed now,
so much more to steer clear of,
the damage has been done,
so much has been taken.
What will you do when the proof comes back to bite you?
What will you say when the walls crumble away?
When 'Hell' decides to join us on firm ground,
it will be too late for you to get it.
You speak of change,
I see not *****that proves it,
bodies to fall when they hear the call,
your forests burning,
a billion yearning,
fault lines churning,
none of you are learning.
What will you do when the noose is around your neck?
It will be too late as you are taking your last step.
You will seal your fate and take the rest of us with you.
Breathe your last words, but to your grave...
You will take the truth.