House Of Whispers-Fields Of His Grace

Written by: anne p. murray

Secrets...from the house of whispers 
keep calling out my name - in the halls and rooms 
where as a child I lived and walked within 

Unknown secrets, memories that wake me in my sleep
yet I'm never quite able to grasp their meanings
They're outlined in fuzzy images - words not spoken 
But still… I hear unnamed voices
whispering secrets, whispering unknown words in my ear 

I wander alone in fields of sorrow - 
crying out for asylum from my house of whispers
They call out with unnamed voices 
trying to murmer secret, unknown words in my ear 


I go now to my place in fields of grace
where all is quiet - a place where I can rest
where God showed me I was loved and safe-
He told me I could stay till healing came 
until my soul has been restored in His holy fields of grace 

Those unknown secrets and memories
that woke me from my sleep- have quieted their voices
My ears have been silenced to them

Now, the only voice I hear...
is God whispering in my ear
whispering that I am safe in His place
My soul restored...
as I calmly walk in His healing fields of grace