Everybody Somebody Anybody and Nobody

Written by: Eugene Harvey

Everybody had a job to do 
But before Anybody could 
request Somebody do it
Nobody was told to do it.
Anybody could’ve done it,
but Nobody decided to do it 
So Everybody determined
Somebody should do it.

Somebody didn’t do it
because Nobody believed
it was Everybody’s job
though Anybody could do it.

Everybody thought
Somebody would do it, 
but Nobody realized that
Anybody wouldn’t do it.

So Everybody charged 
Somebody when in fact
Nobody didn’t even
ask Anybody to do it.

Everybody then told 
Somebody to ask 
Anybody to try and 
change Nobody’s mind.

But Everybody didn’t know
If Nobody could change
Anybody’s mind or tell  
Somebody what to say.

Though Nobody believed
Somebody might be able
to convince Anybody that 
Everybody should’ve done it.

So Somebody reasoned that 
Everybody ought ask 
Anybody to persuade
Nobody to do it first.

But Nobody thought that 
Anybody wouldn’t speak 
to Everybody about having 
Somebody do it instead.

Yet Nobody couldn’t 
get Anybody to speak 
to Everybody about  
having Somebody do it.

Everybody then decided 
to get Anybody to compel
Somebody to act before 
Nobody needed to do it.

But Anybody chose to  
ignore Everybody because 
Somebody decided to tell 
Nobody it cannot be done.

So before Everybody 
told Somebody to ask 
Anybody to influence
Nobody not to do it.

Nobody made an effort
to convince Somebody
to win over Anybody
to get Everybody to
work together as one.

© Eugene Harvey