Dreams Are Whispers from The Soul-The Gift

Written by: anne p. murray


I had a dream last night…so vivid so unfeigned
   As you touched my face-my heart became unchained
An Angel with a pen was writing down our script
   You softly touched my skin and gently kissed my lips 

The colors were radiant-our skin softly glowing
   The Angels and the Universe were granting us a ‘Knowing’
You reached down into my heart, down deep within my soul
   I knew our precious gift would be written on a scroll
We were born to be one-our spirits joined together
   I heard a whisper say, “Your Gift will be forever” 

You held me in your arms with gentle words unspoken
   Our Gift wrapped in love would always stay unbroken
When I awoke-I felt the tears that stained my face
   I opened my arms and sensed your warm embrace 

                      I need to slumber now
                         I’ll go back and lay me down
                            Come back to me my love 
                               Give the Gift I’ve never found