Intense Heat

Written by: olusegun Arowolo

I was taught to protect the good name 
of the family;to be honest and straight forward,
But,Am I being deceived?

I toil day and night,hoping to find peace 
and solace in hard work,
But,it becomes an illusion,vague!
completely vague!
Am I different?

I went to school to enrich my knowledge,
to be able to use my skills for my country,
to be upright and diligent,
but,what do I get?; unemployment!,
Hardship and shame glued to my body
like a stubborn tumor.

They mock and laugh at me 
as I walk on the street with rumpled shirt 
and opened wide mouth shoe with faded lace,
my body temperature is higher than the intense blazing sun,
Can`t bear this anymore,
Eight years of roaming....waiting...and...writing..

Many have called me to leave this straight  road
and journey with them in dubious acts and
illegal deals which have fetched them millions,
Yet,I refused;
Allowing poverty to tear my skin
 wide open and devour my intestine;
For how long,am I going to endure this intense heat?

My hands are shaking,eyes seeing stars,body shivering;
I`m suffocating..;get me out of here!,
It seems my blood is short,

*Dedicated to all unemployed youths*
I say 'Please endure,there is still hope'.

CONTEST:"Heat" sponsored by Debbie Guzzi