Written by: Radhika Shukla

It was life itself that made me think,
About the same life which wasn’t enough for me,
That same life made me dream about a better life in future.
It was until now I was happy with my life.
But the exposure I am getting now, 
And the new things I am learning,
Make me want to learn and mould myself for the world outside.
My eyes are looking forward to future,
Makes me want to change for my betterment,
For a better life in future.
Learn the new ways of life and people.
Become a well adjusted, responsible citizen.
But these things are easier said than done.
And there is a long way to go before I reach my goals.
Never the less I’ll struggle, and fall and rise again,
And move on with new challenges and new experiences every day.
Because I know the people who love me are there for me,
To criticize me for my betterment,
To support and love me,
And catch me every time I fall.