Don't Poke the Bear

Written by: Francine Roberts

He'd had a bad day, he was snapping and snarling.
His behavior,  it was anything but darling.

But I couldn't shut up, be compassionate and care.
Oh, hell no, not me.  I had to poke the bear.

His eyes were red coals.  He sputtered and shrieked.
Sure I'd just made it worse and now he  had freaked.


Off to the store for ice cream for his highness
and to keep my rabid tongue from some of it's wryness.

In the line before me someone was hunting for money.
My ice cream was melting, my disposition, not sunny.

Instead of patience and a rational aire,
oh no, not me, I had to poke that bear.

"Hey Lady !, we're waiting, you could let us go through"
She threw down her coins and started counting anew.


With running ice cream, home I now went,
where old grumpy-pants temper tantrum seemed spent.

I scooped out his ice-cream, delivered it to his side.
He glanced at it , then me, and made a comment quite snide.

I could have said "sorry, it melted somewhat"
but oh no, not me, I had a different thought.

I couldn't be contrite, compassionate and fair.
That just isn't me. I had to poke that bear.

After some comments about ice cream and his weight
I bit my tongue but I bit it too late.


So heed my advice and just be aware
when things are going bad, just don't poke the bear