It Won't be the Last

Written by: Marianne Nolido

 Counting the years,
setting aside my fears.
I have been waiting,
and I have been searching.

Did I ever throw love away?
or was it my desires that controlled my fate?
maybe it wasn't meant to be,
And maybe there was a right path for me.

If I have known, I could have kept it beating.
I was too scared for that perfect timing,
And I thought leaving would be the best solution,
Until I found the real reason.

After all those silly thoughts that bothered me,
this is where my heart brought me.
I know I should have stayed,
before your love will fade.

 but this wont be the last,
I'm not running away from you or from my past.
I'll find what I need to find,you'll see.
Then I'll come back, so you'll be with me.