Heart Broken To HEart Stolen

Written by: Monish Bhatia

i still remeber my first kiss....
and can never forget the last...
her hugs are the things i really miss
but it pains a lot when i remember that she's now just a past
she stole mah heart she broke mah heart
she played with it and tored it apart..
we were together n everything was fine..
she always sweared that she'll ever be mine..
she loved me a lot,but left me for money,
leaving tears in mah eyes,she said i cant be wid u honey..
it was my heart dammed not a silly book,
for juz reading for a while how did you took?
i was goin through dark and i was goin through hell.
and i had no one to whom i can really tell.
i met a girl,i liked her as she is not like the rest.
even following lines cant describe her as she's d best..
my heart was broken i wanted to die..
you made me smile you made me cry.
for you,m giving my life a try
you gave me a world where i can peacefully lie..
i wasnt able to bear the pain it was enough..
you,my angel, yes you made me tough...
Your talk stole my heart long time ago
you are my everything and i will never let you go..

my heart skips its beat when i hear your name..
and now i think all girls are never the same
now we are something more which is nice and strong
I know in our relationship nothing can go wrong..
you are my angel..without you I would die
i know you will never show your love coz you very shy.
but still i will do anything,i mean anything for you
To let you know,my angel how much I love you......