A Toast

Written by: Terrell Martin

Here’s to each other and our fathers and mothers,
Children, family and friends;
All those among us and others departed
Whom we all hope to meet someday again.

Here’s to our homes and places we’ve roamed
And memories we’ve made ’long the way;
To our losses and gains, joys and pains
And the dawn of each new coming day.

Here’s to our faith in God above
Whose mercy and love prevails;
In stardust and light and dreams in the night
And the wind that billows soft sails.

To our different conceptions, thoughts and reflections
On religion, faith and war;
Apologies for sins of past mistakes
And the hope for good things that endure.

To me and you, sky azure blue
And stars beyond our reach;
To oceans wide and trains we ride
Holding babies fast asleep.

Here’s to football, laughter and smiles
And love like a fairytale dream;
A full moon shining in a summer night sky
Walking barefoot in the sand by the sea.

And lastly, to tomorrow and forgetting old sorrows
And making new ties that last;
The transition of endings to new beginnings
And all that we learn from the past.