The Christmas Mouse's Prayer

Written by: Gwendolen Rix

An acorn wreath hung above his bed
In an old matchbox he laid his head
One magical night on Christmas Eve
Chester the mouse rolled up his sleeves…

“There is something I must do!”

”I will pray for this family who shares their house
God will hear my prayers even though I’m a mouse! 
He hopped from his bed and knelt to pray
One tiny request for Christmas day”

“Dear God in heaven,
Tomorrow as I celebrate Jesus’ birth
And your great sacrifice upon this earth
Remember this old house on Mulberry Street
Where a six year old girl has little to eat
I combed through the cupboards to share some crumbs
When she spied my gray tail she began to run
What else can a little mouse do
so her mother can prepare some Christmas stew?

Ps. You should hear her stomach growl, God.

Please watch over this house 
Your humble mouse,

A gray silhouette hopped into bed
With images of Bethlehem in his head
While humming his favorite Christmas tune
He believed his prayer would be answered soon

This poem was written exclusively for Gail Doyle's Contest~
Christmas in July/Christmas Magic