For the Perfected Promise of Imperfection

Written by: Mathieu de Casanove

Commit to me the art of you and I will be alone
See to me you are the light and I will be blind
Rejoice in me your very soul for I cannot atone
That in the very faith you hold, I knew not any kind

A flower bent with broken root, a pretty sight still
As naked night is veiled sight, this I am to you
The happy fear laughed away is a nervous shrill
Echoed in the heart of you, abounds within me too

So drain my thought and make me straight, and you will be thrown
Into a gale of rememberings, there will we be found
Again another knowing known, a screening show shown
Predictable enlightenment in repetition bound

Please make this truth the truest, and lies the first I heard
Please take me to a garden wild, and lose me in the fray
Please find me scarred wanting more, whisper me that word
Love and love and love again, my dark and light of day