I Write The Song

Written by: John Streeter

   Gazzing out betwix the river and upwards on and on towards the
   Heavens-ss.  I saw a light the exploited in an maze of colors, some
  a beautiful greenist color mixed-with a amber glow of a Diamond...(WWhee-ww).
  "I write the song, that I know not of, {but} this night..."  "It is impossible for me to
  remain silent." (the) Song I write I write...[It is] "It Is Good to All that Praises Him
  in the Liberty of His...{HOLY}..name...O--OHH little star way out beyounst the
 blu-lit sky shinning..(always)...shinning....{Thank-You} for making me see that
 we are never...!!!!...{Alone}.                                                                                       
 {We do Indeed} are in need of Him(Spiritualy) in-and-out of our live'sss.
    "So-so stay in the test, its reward is an  Ever-lasting too EverLasting life with
  the...Lord!!!!.." "You will recieved Blessing/where you shall have not enought
  rooom to bare.   {STAY-STRONG}_________"I Write The Song...(?).."