Written by: habib akewusola

These  four  walls  is
Were  I  spend  my  world.
Sounds  of  tears  is
The  best  I  have  ever
Living  by  authority
Is  a  priority,
No  other  way  in  showing
My  loyalty.
Many  have  gone  through
The  sword,
Massacre  now  lives
With  us,
So  much  hunger  my
Veins  could  cut.
Have  begged  my
Creator  for  peace,
Very  sure  my  masters
Would  someday  loose  grip,
Have  got  fruits  to  reap,
So  I  still dream  big.
Will  they  ever  become  real?
Everyone  were  not  made
The  same,
Some  are  like  me
Some  are  better ,
Whatever  you  do
Do  it  well.
                                                                                                                     AKEWUSOLA  HABIB.