Lessons in Love

Written by: Samual Ronthorpe

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Lessons in Love Love, You know Love?, I know what love is, Love is total contentment, Love is never having to say, sorry, Love is being sorry, even when they’re not, Love means being able to see past the here and now, Love is respect, honor and is always unconditional, Some people haven’t allowed themselves to feel Love; they are the lost souls, Some of these lost spirits are evil, you must beware, Love will not protect you, With Love, comes commitment. Uncommitted Love is just temporary happiness, Despite your emotions, sometimes you need to let go, it will be painful, The most important part of Love, is to Love yourself above all, Without a good sense of worth, you’re emotionally broke, Expect Love in return, get what you give, that’s fair, The bottom line, Love is you, loving me, And expecting that love returned, My Love lesson is done, Go, now, in peace, Always.