You're Not Super Man Or Woman, You're Super Grand Pa And Ma

Written by: Dawn Crow

You're both seen as an inspiration,
for you both worked as a team.
I sought to find my destinaton,
when I was told to follow my dreams.
Grandma, you're the best in my book,
cause you're someone who stood very strong.
You taught me great lessons on just how to cook,
and many more things as time went along.
Grandpa, all of those stories in war,
tells me of just what a hero you are.
When I felt bad you knew just the cure,
to make me feel great and to reach for the stars.
So you're both seen as a number one team,
although there might've been a few flaws.
But you're both in my prayers, thoughts, and dreams,
cause you're Super grandpa and Super grandma.