Some things

Written by: Shelley Foreman

Some things are sent to try us
That's how the saying goes
But some things like to try too 
And so the problem grows.

A problem shared is a problem 
Another timeless one
But what to do, when you feel 
And all the sharings done?

God give me strength
Is one that makes me laugh
Because wouldn't it be nice
If we only had to ask?

So how do we deal with 
When we can't see the wood 
for the trees?
Do all the bad things, like the 
Always come in threes?

Good things in small packages
So bad things in the big?
You'll only get in deeper
If all you do is dig.

Don't fix it if it's not broken
But your broken isn't mine.
How do these sayings work
If we don't fall in line?

All we need is people
Those that really care
Because then you don't need 
Just a moment that is spare.