Commandment Battlement - Part One -

Written by: Justin Bordner

Better to be bold in battle
then benign in retreat!
No victory comes from actions prattle;
May honor be found in refusing defeat -

My vaults will not be breeched
by faults,
may we have a merry waltz
devoid of all unsavory salts,
this of you I have beseeched -

On this table we have met to render fable
rich as ancient Babyl,
heralds of ancestral heros and our forces' label,
bulwarks raised above this field's haze,stalwart gaurds strong and poised,
daunting sounds of ritual carols,the primal ones that spirits praise,
what is this match but a moment for atonement,
trite tribute and humble homage if you wicked will foment,
my battalions and I are stolid,faithful,our souls not being rent,
the birds in sky like personal medallions signify for we,victory is meant,
in the center sentries stood,subterfuge,lethal blows I knew you would,
a Queen as envoy repelled rudely,religiously crude as you brood,
armistice you will seek knowing bleak the future be,
like battered egos quiet speak,loosing strength,you shall weep and sneek
to snatch the proud prey from eagle's beak,your pommel being sweaty sleek,
terrified of the Promeathean peak,of my glory you may peek,

The mellow march of my bagpipes,a pallid pitch that makes men creep
they like leary sheep my wolves will eat,
must you trust a God of glutton lust,and savor his decree,
of Athena I have asked,athwart this army made by brass,
as broken glass shattered fast it shall yeild to Her Mass,
shaken soldiers running past,your eyes will cry the slaughters vast,
pray not in vain to block our rasp,or for this fauna you'll be mast,
my blood as Emperor say you crave,oh how brave,
like a slave made the day his grave was paved,
such a man is never saved,

J.A.B. Part One -