Daydreams By Night

Written by: Michael Domaracki

Daydreams By Night…

It’s half past ten and I’m wondering when 
The big picture will include me
It’s on my mind nearly all the time
This full-scale dream of me with you
And yes, I want to change the world
Make a mark and still be free
To walk with you, talk with you
For eternity share this dream…

I’m off again in another frame of mind
Strange illusions in the sun
Before my eyes, overshadowed by my cries
Is the need for understanding
It comes and goes, it swells and grows
My desire for universal acceptance
At a reception so memorable
Be that it is fit for a king…

It’s coming at me in full color
It’s toned down in black and white
I’ve had daydreams in the evening
Now I’m having daydreams by night
Under the starlight, having daydreams by night