Waiting For The Messiah

Written by: olusegun Arowolo

Heavy sobbing makes my eyes dry,
with sorrowful heart, Lord, I cry
Thy  Ultimate  grace  I  desire,
'O God , send us thy Messiah'.

Waiting for HIM that will save us,
The wicked rides us like a horse,
punishing like the  mighty  sire,
`O God , send us thy Messiah'.

We`ve prayed and waited for so long,
Love and faith in thee `made us strong,
~false words came from fake Josiah,
'O God , send  us  thy Messiah'.

Poverty renders us helpless,
evil and death make us  hopeless,
Corruption spreads like burning fire,
'O God ,send us thy Messiah.

I will not rest but wait for thee,
as I join my hands on one knee,
lift up eyes to the  supplier,
'God will send us his Messiah'.