Monkey Boy

Written by: tristen temple

First noticed during an outing by novice photographers amid the wilderness of America in
The year cited, 1965; a dawning period in time towards sweeping change, via civil unrest
Never afore had anyone seen quite a creation such as he; this pure white primate species
With golden locks of hair and faraway eyes which seemed able to penetrate, their gazes....
Returning unto Europe that winter, astonishing pictures as proof in hand and her queen 
Quite amazed commissioned a covert expedition including her countries most acclaimed
Scientist, anthropologist and highest ranking officials along side her own curious daughter
Whom her highness would often state as being that, her wild child princess; retro metro
A shipment of silver and gold to help sustain themselves should their quest be hampered
By the native customs and or perhaps, resistence amid this foreign land called, Plaxisium
Having heard of the gunslingers out west killing off the buffalo as bartering with politicians
In Washington whileas their youth were left searching for reason, understanding, identity....
...."Monkey Boy" ˜