Once upon a midnight dream,
In the darkness came a scream.
Within the dark borders of despair,
Twin Amber eyes glowing glare.
Within the vision rip of claws enmesh,
A bleeding path of ruined flesh.
Shivering with sweat upon the brow,
Found the strength to awaken somehow.
Within each corner of darkness found,
The distance evil laughter’s sound.
Security felt with a single lighted lamp,
Chasing away evil's stamp.
When within a moment in time,
The light winked out from the comforting shine.
Eyes dart to and fro,
Seeking out the safety glow.
When suddenly it came to me,
The scratching ever so gently.
Hiding under the covers, like a child,
My eyes round with fright so wild.
Anticipation mournfully bled,
The mattress sank upon my bed.
The covers came down for a quick peek,
Desperate for the comfort I seek.
But within the darkness I see,
The amber glow glaring back at me.