My Puss

Written by: Kulsum Mehmood


Full of fun- frolic and mischief too
My Puss filled my heart with joy;
What antics he would like to do
Oh what objects were his toy.
Behind the curtain, beneath the chair
My puss played bereft of single care.

Jump and catch the leaves falling
and floating down over gentle breeze;
Oft times in sun simply lolling
Or  chasing squirrels and the geese.
Climbing quickly trees in fright
when puppies barked at him in sight.

Grooming self by licks of tongue
And cleansing as to shine his fur;
My puss enjoyed a gentle stroke
And he would quickly start to purr.
He hated bath and hated rain
From water and soap he would refrain.

Lap up milk he would from a saucer
It was his favorite meal of the day;
Soon he would its taste savour
But meat and fish made him happy and gay.
He enjoyed playing with the mouse
that catch he could around the house.

Like butterflies fluttering in the sky
Puss enriched my life like an angel;
Like butterflies fluttering in the sky
He flutterred away to  be an angel.
In my dreams he comes and purrs
And entices me with his shiny fur.