Perspective Of A Widow -

Written by: Justin Bordner

The undressed truth
of her opinion
was more luminous than a palm full
of Persian pearls,

the silly insanity
of her wavering romance was too flagitious
and uncanny
for the engineers
of reality's dialogue,

her and I indulged in a suspicion of Reason
and she spoke,
" Waltzing does the crooked shadow,
rectifying does the balance
of the prudent orchestra;
harmonizing does the baffling chorus
of courteous belief ", says she,
" disgusted is the composer
of tragic complexity and sympathetic gesture ",

I commented but was soon corrected
by her primordial wisdom,
the movement of my mangled objection
was at a halt,as she detailed,

" Falling is the lesuire
to a confused spirit,
jealousy is the mobilization
of an infatuated curiosity,
but what is difficult to apprehend
is the still composure
of a natural gift,
which yeilds to no fault,
the immaculate reflection
of Passion -