Written by: Raven Sneed

Mind never made up
Dreaming with my  eyes open
Nothing to hold me back
Nothing to push me forward
Stuck in one place 
Can't figure out my place
In this place called earth 
So many obstacles
So many people to please  
Apparently I'm indecisive 
But that's just me 
Where to go 
What to do
They say it's all in who you
But I don't know me 
Nothing to show for it
My dreams sitting in a 
collecting dust 
My heart turning to rust
In a rush for mr right 
Ending up with all mr wrongs 
When I ain't nothing but right
Seem like nothing in my life
Goes right 
But I'll continue to fight
Continue to dream
Run far away 
Hopefully find
The stream that takes my
Soul to the place it knows 
Not familiar to anyone by face
But words Everybody knows
Dreamer dream a dream that 
Everyone knows the words of
Your dreams
So I keep my eyes open 
So I see my dreams 
Come to life