He comes to my solitary dreams,
Reality blurring at the seams.
He undresses me with his crimson eyes,
Within their obscure depths hungers arise.
Enthralled against all common sense,
Being weak my only defense.
His touch burns a fiery path,
His tongue follows with a wicked bath.
Shivering with passion’s fire,
His intent apparent within his desire.
His voice like a symphony of rain,
Awakens a craving within an idle brain.
Softly he kisses my damp brow,
My fervent resistances willingly allow.
His bleached smile sharp sabered thorn,
Torrent of blood flows from flesh torn.
He suckles me like a fine goblet of wine
Purring his ecstasy so divine.
Lulling my internal screams,
Redemption from this nightmarish dream.
Hush my trepidations, hush,
His deadly kiss so lush.
He cradles my soul by a fragile breath,
Disseminating me to an unavoidable death.
So young to have humanity torn,
And like him, assimilated reborn.