A World of Color

Written by: Kim Merryman

My world is painted in colors bright,
Vibrant hues from dark to light.
My skies are blue, as blue can be,
With fluffy white clouds floating lazily.

The dawn arrives in a golden glow,
A glorious awakening, a wondrous show.
And with the dusk, the day's demise,
Red velvet melds with purple skies.

Shades of green grow all around;
Emerald, olive, sage abound.
From forest dark to pale grass green,
Amazing landscape can be seen.

A floral palette paints the view,
With vivid colors of rainbow hue.
Purples, pinks, yellows, reds,
Oranges, blues fill my beds.

My world is never just black and white.
It's filled with color day and night.
And I am thankful to God above,
For creating these beautiful colors I love. 

For Tracie's "Paint the World" contest