A Princess

Written by: Jane Kostman

She was 16 and on her own with out a place to call home but
She kept her head held high and at 18 she met a nice guy and shortly after
They got married and divorced
He became so bitter that he didn’t want her any more
For years she was rejected and all alone but she worked hard and
It wasn’t long before she found a small apartment to call home

One in a while to relax from a long day she would go have a few beers
At a bar near home.
And one night she met a man, who was far different from all the others
By far,
They fell in love within 2 weeks of dating and she moved in
With him and on sep 15 of 2009
A judge pronouced them man and wife
Never in all her life did she ever think she would finally
Be accepted and loved,
In a way she was kinda happy now all those years she had been rejected
Because the man she fell in love with