The Gingerwhinger Lament

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

The Gingerwhinger Lament
Lizzie Treetop

Gingerwhinger in the laundry bucket went and had a poo
In total protest, he hoped that it stunk really bad too
That Lizzie was going ding bats and just ruining his life
No longer was his day like butter through a knife
Meals not on time, no cuddles, not even a great big hug
Ignored, he wanted her bloody computer to unplug
She was at that Internet, writing drivel all day and all night
It was an addiction that dear little Ginger could not fight
So he’d sit and stare, and then try jumping on her lap
She had the nerve to shoo him away when he wanted his nap
No more soothing loving hands, just brutally pushed away
“I tell you” said Ginger “I will spray and that evil broad will pay”
He’d Forgot, Liz solved the problem long ago with that horrid Vet
He even thought of complaining on that wretched wicked Internet
Then there was that other problem who was that bloody bloke Bob
Admired Poet, or secretly the old ding bats new latest heart throb
“I tell you” meowed Ginger, “Facebook has a lot to answer for
The house is a mess, the garden full of weeds, looking real poor  
Oh no! My life is not at all, the grand way it always used to be
Just no attention, constant emails, makes a cat just want to flee
Luckily there’s that hot dame Aimee, and she really such a love
Not like that Lizzie who ignores him sending him away with a shove
Aimee is beaut, real pretty and her lap warm comfy and so nice 
Yep her house is the answer, when Mummy’s now cold as ice.