The last night

Written by: Caroline Cécile Delacroix

twas the last night its groaning particularly loud at midnight, all went quiet like the silence of death the killer that provokes thrill, belies a fire about to ignite a soul waiting to soar or could there be more? Quiet uncanny, heavy, waiting keeping longing at bay, stricken paralyzed agony, silenced by the dream, brief flash feeling the rising toward climax, not knowing how, not knowing why the horrible pain, decides to hold its ice cold breath, its heart erratically beating underneath the frozen twilight tastes fear, anguish, loss the unbelief, feeling blind What if.... a tear trickles down as it fights the stench of death turns to ice upon its dark blue cheeks alone, in the sky, no longer a star to lean on, total darkness, did I win? Did I lose? Let me die! gush of wind keeps eyes open can't turn away, forced to see.... Light, dies, willingly, in utter admiration, .... a Child! © CarolineCecile - )7.23.12