Leviathan....I shall be Free!

Written by: Johnette Loefgren

  Roiling,Roiling,under me
my coils are silver as the sea.
You look ,you look ,
to capture me....
Leviathan !
I shall be free!

Pitiful and weak art thou
sailing in thy tiny scow
Blustering upon the bow,
seek to capture me

Tempest tossed and thrown about
brave and foolish full of doubt
still you try to seek me out
will not let me be.

Rip,I tear you from the mast
have you for my night's repast
tiny ship be sinking fast,
with no one left to see...

Roiling ,Roiling ,under me
my coils are silver as the sea,
You look,you look,
to capture me........
I shall be free.