Written by: Jane Kostman

I can feel the heat rising as 
I stand here smiling in fear
While you hold my hand
I see you shed a tear
As you look into my eyes you keep
Saying I am so happy you are here with me and that is
When I begin to feel that heat rising
deep within once again
As we talk about our love and feelings
While looking at the walls and ceilings in this Hospital 
It gives me the strangest feelings
As we say our good byes,
The heat with in you and me slowly dies,
As you close your eyes and take your last breath,
I will always think of you as I take my steps to the door,
Hoping that I could feel that heat we had once more
And I may shed a tear or two 
I just hope you know I will always be thinking of you
And how you could make me feel the heat inside for 50 years
Before we said our good byes 
The heat with in me in now gone just like our song