Easter Bunny

Written by: Owen Yeates

I would like an Easter bunny perhaps it could be you
An Easter chic to cuddle would be a pleasure to
A beautiful Easter present to unwrap on Easter day
All these things I fancy well what do you say

Be my Easter bunny my present and my chick
You would be just like an Easter egg so good for me to lick
Your clothes would be the wrapping on the egg I could remove
I’m sure the chocolate industry would definitely approve

For Easter’s a time for giving and receiving it is true
So a wonderful gift for Easter would be spending it with you
So have a happy Easter just know I give my love at this time
The only way I find easy within this little rhyme

Just be my Easter bunny for that would make me glad
To have a beautiful Easter bunny would be wonderful not bad
No one could be my bunny only my beautiful lady sweet
To unwrap you upon Easter day would be a special treat