Four Foot Caskets

Written by: Joe Flach

They shouldn’t need to make caskets only four feet long
Pediatricians shouldn’t have to specialize in oncology
Scarves shouldn’t be worn by ten year old girls
To protect their bald heads as caused by radiology

Little arms shouldn’t bare puncture marks from IV needles
Fifth grade homework shouldn’t be delivered to hospital beds
Last rites shouldn’t be given before her confirmation dress is worn
Parents shouldn’t be praying that they were the ones dying instead

She is too innocent to fear her impending death
She is too young to regret having never fallen in love
Watching your child suffer through this torment and pain
It is easy to lose faith in a merciful God up above

Get well cards shouldn’t have Hello Kitty on front
A last wish shouldn’t be for a Happy Meal
When they remove her lifeless body from this hospital room
They shouldn’t need to prepare it for another sick boy or girl

They shouldn’t need to make caskets only four feet long
Easily carried by just two men
Funeral parlors shouldn’t be crowded with the grade school staff
And a roomful of crying children

For the "One Silver Tear Free Poetry Contest".  Written and posted on 7/23/2012.