Miss Prunella Gets New Neighbors

Written by: Elton Camp

Miss Prunella’s New Neighbors

By Elton Camp

The little house had been abandoned for a year
Its run-down condition made the neighbors fear
Unless a new occupant soon should come around
Miss Prunella’s property values would come down

She got hope the house would be coming back
When a woman arrived in her pink Cadillac
Miss Prunella decided that it’d be nice if she would
Make the newcomer welcome to their neighborhood

“We are so glad to see someone preparing to move in.
Just how soon do you plan for the repairs to begin?”
“Oh, thank you so much for your welcome, dear.
Actually, it’s my nieces who will be moving in here.”

The colors the house was painted seemed a bit strange
And for parking in the rear, the workers did arrange
Some days later, the four promised nieces appeared
To Miss Prunella, the schedule they kept was weird

But she decided that it was probably all right 
To sleep to noon and stay up so late at night
“But I can’t understand how they afford to party so.
Too many gentleman callers regularly come and go.”