Take The Question To The Queen -

Written by: Justin Bordner

I saw  it all,
the Sun the Moon the night & the day,
there was summer & snow,winter & rain,
children,old people,miracles & war,everything an opportunity,
advantages abounding like red in fresh blood,
it was all there for me like love with no doubts,
incalcuable ramifications everyday,magic within the flesh,
horses & whips,smiles & screams,sex & serenity
people that helped & people that lied,judgement was fluid,
ignorance transformed from stone to sand,
I felt the anger of desperation & the tranquility of fatigue,
there were degrees of shame & success like green on the leaves,
oceans with storms & ships,
I saw musicians weep into their instruments,sculptors whisper to sculptures,
painters pray to the canvas,athletes abandoning self for celebrity,

there were athiest blaming Deity for despair & suffering
along with spiritual people begging for compassion
and delivering hypocrisy unto the vulnerable,
lions feasted on the dumb & slow,lightning struck with violet glow,
castles that were robust were burned to dust,
lonely marble became men's monuments,
I've seen children evolve into fearful & violent creatures 
and there were some which resurrected forgiveness & redemption
as sleep renews the mind,
I observed merchants make mummies of men & women,
people succeeding in business by virtue of self determination,
I saw debt & savings lead to blessings,
I witnessed so much,felt like a king & a crook,
I learned about words & images,
there is something collective about it all,something just,
but what did I see?