What You want - Yours

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

Your way is more than perfect
God that is something we all should ask You for
That our life will be completely guided by You
That we want nothing but Yours
Because Yours are complete
Yours are fulfillment
Yours are never have to ask You for anything	
It’s there for us for the asking
We will have to want it
Desire it
And would not have anything but only Yours
You will give to anyone 
Who makes that commitment
God You know each one of our hearts
You know what our desires and wants
You know when we reach that point
When we want nothing but Yours
Then You will give
God, Yours are awesome
Yours are more than what we need or want
Yours are incomparable
Yours are beyond anything we dream or ask for
Yours are beyond measurable
Yours are what we want
What You want