The Good People

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

They are the people that always hear your call
The people that are there in times of great despair
Simple, sincere, no nonsense, no drama kind of people
The people who care about the survival of others
Who give generously of themselves, when times are tough
They are not the haters, the killers who with guns go berserk
They are the angels of life who deeds overcome the bad 
Folks who suddenly make you feel good about the world
Instead of making us think, we are all living in some sort of hell
People who give of their time, their love and their dedication
Offering comfort in times of many terrible unforeseen disasters
A comforting word, a box of food, some clothing, refuge, a hug
Hands that reach out to hold a crying child, a blanket given
Doors opened to shelter and protection in the dark bleak night
A warm smile and suddenly a feeling that all is not utterly lost
Hope given, with a tender heart and such all encompassing love
Oh yes this is what is good, in this so very crazy mixed up world
Let us all reflect on it, and gives thanks for all the beautiful ones
The unknown strangers there in times of our own desperate need.