Together I Hope

Written by: Jordan Dickinson

Time is swift, timely wronged-
To find you know seems unfair-
My eyes betray my senses-
What I asked for inside my heart-
I’ve found in you three times as much-
What to do I do not know-
I have had hopes, my heart been broken-
I’ll be gone for times on end-
Journeys take me far from home-
Can’t come back to this small time town-
But I wish, to come with me-
Our hearts, truly, will surely be-
Able to hold each other up-
Your eyes inside my heart burns true-
When I close my eyes to you I see-
What could be, what I hope to be-
To work around each other’s flaws-
This we know of heavenly laws-
Let us see what begins to happen-
Us together I hope inside-
My soul is deep, and kept hidden-
By my outside looks, outside demeanor-
At least I hope you know-
Because I hope I’ve clearly shown-
I’m not a bad guy my motives are real-
To this I hope you only may feel-
To think of my kindness seen inside my smile-
To see clearly for a long time, yet for a while-