The Service Of Symbols -

Written by: Justin Bordner

The things I've been,the things I have been,the things I am,things I'm to be,
a symbol so dark a sign so brite,a mark of the heart,
shadow of the soul,
rind of mind,
as the Buddhist meditates on mandalas of rich color,cycles,devas,dangers & devotions
I embrace the world with all my senses,with vigilance,
riled rhapsody,
Christians sewing psalms into the conscious,
confounded with temptation,condemnation & damnation,
as Buddhists focused towards an ineffable destination,
my terminus is an awareness that explains purpose without pain or pleasure
but with an indomitable patience for being in perfection,
as blue is blue for blue,
Freemasons have their acacia & aprons,
the magic of History,of memory,of Brotherhood,
I shall memorize the wrong & right of my behavior,of my beliefs,
carry the cross of carelessness,rub beads of bemusement,
scratch thy palms upon the rough ashlar,
bleed for the sake of beauty,for the right of recognition,
\a hawk glides and swoops with an exactitude 
reminding One not to waste effort,to combine instinct & strategy
into trusted tactics,salvation found in solitude,
intuition aimed at the heavens can demonstrate
there is knowledge in not knowing,
serenity can be secured through suffering,happiness in creative endurance,
a nomad,amonk,mother of a nobody,
may teach that freedom is measured as strength through degrees,
chessmen bespeak the value of loyalty & sacrafice,
police have a badge,judges gavels,bankers use notes,psychologists study dreams,
and artists utilize shapes & sounds to elicit feelings,
evoking meaning for life,
perhaps superstition is ultimate motivation,
subjective & collective interpratationsfor reality which make it all tolerable,
that special definition making life personal,
when a culture abandons,or forgets the symbols of it's constructs
how can it survive,
continuity can not color & inspire posterity,
a tree without water,
as when a human neglects itself,
disfiguring the ideal into something rueful or baleful,
then the mystic symbol must change with it
as rich soil to mud,
the symbology survives,elastic and plastic like a spider web in the wind,
nature will always reconstruct,
teaching that our lives are but imprints for the future -