Ladies, Before Gentlemen

Written by: Sherese Gooden

There were two young ladies all beautiful and brown, 
beauties who wore delightful designer gowns.
And many suitors suits made, playing melodies as fair
hoping these fair ladies would fall for such good cheer;
But they never did.

Then one evening in early June when the rains came too soon
They took a walk and stayed out late to admire the lazy moon. 
They sauntered across a meadow, and felt that life was mellow
underneath the sky where the moon would shimmer like yellow jello.
But it never did.

Instead the evening got dark; as clouds gathered in the sky
one young lady told a joke about the day she had made a pie. 
The other, her countenance sad said the darkness was a bother
so they shuddered and wanted to cling to each other. 
But they never did.

The two young ladies hurried home afraid they’d catch a cold,
and really, if the truth was to be told they were afraid they’d get too old.
They each made a vow that on the evening next, they’d dared to stroll,
wearing designer gowns through that meadow, that was their goal.
But they never did.

For on that very day two young swain from far away
who arrived in a sleek red Porsche took  them for a swim - in the bay.  
Giddy with love, the two lovebirds waved goodbye to family
promising they’d return and not elope to Saxony. 
But they did.