My Nine Eleven Dedication

Written by: Dawn Crow

One day I was home watching T.V.,
when along came some 'breaking news.'
What an immense thing I had to see,
for it was one not made to amuse.
Screaming and crashing was what I saw,
which caused my eyes to break into tears.
I knew just the one I should call,
for he's who I've called on for many years.
"Lord, give these people very much hope,
that they'll completely get through this.
I know there's families that got to cope,
over a member now that's truly missed.
So give them the power within' their hearts,
the confidence to know that they'll amend.
I know for sure that they'll be a part,
of each prayer I pray to you. Amen."
Those in my prayers and thought much of,
are the lost loved ones of this nation.
So I call this poem and know I'd love,
"My Nine Eleven Dedication."