How Do You Say Goodbye

Written by: Robert L. Hinshaw

I must hasten to Cecil's bedside ere it is too late,
To say goodbye to my brother who lies in a perilous state.
Lord, I pray for soothing words as he begins his eternal bourne,
To be welcomed by You when from these earthly bonds he's shorn.

Should I reminisce about the good times when life was more sublime,
Growing up in The Great Depression when we scarcely had a dime?
Should I mention how thankful we were for our Godly Mother and Dad,
Who directed us to Your paths and saw that we were fed and clad?

Should I salute him and thank him for his heroic service to this nation,
And to defend our precious freedoms, he bravely fulfilled that obligation?
Should I remind him that as a Peacemaker he'll be an honored son,
By You Who'll place a crown upon his brow when that final race is won?

Should I remind him that he faithfully served Your people while on earth,
As a Minister of the Gospel and for this, of Your praise there'll be no dearth?
Should I remind him of his love for family and how very much he sacrified,
And what a glorious moment when he reaches out to touch the Face of Christ?

Or, would it be best if I kissed him upon his brow and simply held his hands,
And whispered in his ear, "It's OK, Cecil!  Let go!  Your family understands!"
Lord, I pray for the right things to do and say as he begins his eternal bourne.
Please enfold him in Thy loving arms when from these earthly bonds he's shorn!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

In honor of my brother, Cecil Bernard Hinshaw, who has terminal cancer.