dark upon dawn-the grimreaper's visit

Written by: Ndubisi Chiagoziem

With the demise of the midnight dreary
When all mortals,'hope', long to receive
some the morning wish to come
to wash away memories of cut-throat nightmares
some the morning pray to come
to take away the torture of the gloomy darkness
i as well partook in this mass prayer
prayer for morning to come
but as though unto some hellish gods,
the answer to my prayer,behold was more dreary
drearier than my nightmares
nightmares to which i had been condemned to the night before
a hhappy man would i have been,if i was accosted by blood and gore
but no.twas something more dreary,more deadly,more grim
which no mortal man has imagined or in dreams seen
a thinh whose mere appearance spelt doom
which in me inflicted spasms of tempestuous shudders
and behold i dropped,i lay and inly the hourglass can tell
can tell how long lay i,unconscious,the body away from the soul
until consciousness whispered with tyhat piercing sound,shrill
awoke me to yhe bustle and hustle of the midday