Shades of Night

Written by: Phyllis Babcock

In the edge of darkness the mind has strange thoughts
As to what lurks behind things not seen
We can imagine the worse in our minds
Or simply sit back and listen to the sounds of the night
On the other hand we can have it give us fright
In the edge of darkness we can remain calm and cool
And drink in the dark surrounding our soul
What we cannot see can have the imagination
Hang on a bare thread 
The heart can have a moment where it feels
Like hammers drumming a solo  beat
Running scared and not sure from what
Take the beauty of the night now --- imagine
The full moon hanging low from the heavens
The stars twinkling lighting up the skies
The beauty of the northern lights dancing
Truly a spectacular view
So from sinister to it's own dark beauty
The night remains just what it seems to you.